Rieder template default name does not appear when creating

I am creating a new project using .net MinimalApis with a 'Vertical slice' approach. Each endpoint will be in a directory/namespace uniqie to that endpoint, and will consist of a set of files called Models.cs, Endpoint.cs, Summary.cs etc. It would be nice to create these all at once but I understand Rider does not yet allow this. However I am having difficulty getting it just to use the default name. Below is the definition of Models.cs which will contain 3 classes, Request, Response and Validator. You can see the default name is set to Models.cs.

But you can see when I try to use the teplate that the default name is not appearing - I have no idea why?


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Hello Alasdair,

Thanks for contacting us. 
Currently there's no option to create a file with file template in a separate folder, but I've filed a corresponding feature request.
Concerning the bug wit the default file name, it was fixed in the latest EAP build.
Let me know if you have any more questions.


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