VS like "Diagnostic Tools"

Based on this post which was in the wrong product forum I'd like to ask if this feature is planned for Rider.

I know we have dotMemory etc. for detailed analysis, but the quick glance on what's going on (CPU, memory, Exceptions, GC) while debugging is pretty much the only thing I miss from Visual Studio.

As far as I know the closest thing we have (without doing sampling etc.) is the memory tab in the debug view, but that doesn't even have a "total bytes" display or at least I haven't found it.

Am I missing the option to enable this display? Or is there a plugin doing something similar? Or are you at work delivering something even better?

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Hello Markus Haslinger,

We have plans to implement something similar to "Diagnostic Tools" in the scope of DMRY-3713 (the issue is filed in dotMemory project, but the feature will be available in Rider as well) but I cannot give you an ETA at this time. Please feel free to vote for this issue to express your interest.


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