core publish to custom server, local path in mappings never valid (?)


I'm not very experienced with publishing dotnet apps, and especially not in configuring what's necessary in rider for it.
I am trying to publish my core web app to a custom server (using sftp), so far it seems to be working half-way.
In the Deployment dialogue i cannot figure out what rider expects me to put into the 'Local Path' field in the 'Mappings" tab.
No matter what i put there, it just makes rider message me with "Local path [...] is out of project" (any absolute path, inside or outside the project directory).

Additionally, and this might be related, uploaded files are just put in the home directory (ubuntu server) instead of the specified subdirectory in 'Deployment path' (it's set to the directory i picked with the remote directory selector '/[subdirectory]')


Hi Flavelius

I've managed to reproduce the case you described. I've created an issue for it, so we double-check the scenario. 

As to an ignored deployment path, it is unfortunately a known issue


Okay, thanks for looking into it!


Before opening another thread, there's an issue i'm not sure how to handle:
"error NETSDK1047: Assets file 'project.assets.json' doesn't have a target for 'net7.0/linux-x64' "
The configuration is the one in the screenshot i posted above.
It works if i manually add the <RuntimeIdentifier> section to the csproj, but in my understanding this defeats the purpose of having it configurable in the Run/Debug (in my case Deployment) configurations in rider.
How can i make it work, so that the configuration in rider sets up the required values or whatever it takes to build/deploy the application with the ui configured settings?

Edit: According to the youtrack issues, it looks like this a bug that is not yet fixed (not even fully acknowledged as still occuring?); very unfortunate


Hello Flavelius ,

Thank you for your reply. 

Indeed, the issue seems to be caused by the bug with ID RIDER-93216, which is currently under investigation. You may want to follow it by pressing the Watch issue button in order to receive updates. 

Thank you for understanding and have a nice day!


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