Why can't a place a breakpoint on a closing brace?

As shown from the image, the debugger broke at the breakpoint at the return statement.  However I am unable to place a breakpoint in any of the subsequent closing braces. Why not? Visual Studio allows this. 
This is decompiled code.



It shows ‘Unable to resolve method at postion’.

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Thank you for contacting Rider support.

Placing a breakpoint on closing braces is not allowed by design. For most assemblies (Release), we just can't do it technically. Most assemblies (NuGet, dll) are built and published as a release assembly. Such an assembly is optimized and contains no nop instructions that is required for a breakpoint to be placed on closing brace.

I verified this behavior in Visual Studio and could see it also doesn't allow placing a breakpoint on a closing brace (in decompiled or system assemblies). (see the attachments)

Would you mind double-checking if VS behaves the same way for you? If VS actually allows placing a breakpoint on a closing brace in decompiled assemblies, we would appreciate it if you could share a screencast that demonstrates this, so that we can take another look at this behavior.

Have a nice day!


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