Classic touch typers - how are you quickly up/downing in dropdown autocomplete boxes?

  1. Reaching for up/down arrows is too slow, even on popular programming keyboards
  2. Reaching for mouse obviously too slow
  3. Typing more characters to match works sometimes, but often long names offer only differ towards the end

I tried redefining Rider's “Lookup Up” and “Lookup Down” to Ctrl-I and Ctrl-K respectively, but they just seem to exit the lookup dropdown and move up/down instead of moving up/down the dropdown list. Not sure what they're about.



Redefining Editor actions Up and Down should work. Please give it a try.


Adding additional keystrokes for Up and Down has indeed worked for me - thanks (don't want to lose the arrows)

What are the “Lookup Up” and "Lookup Down” Editor actions for then?


Is this what you need?


Your first suggestion worked: giving “Up” and “Down” additional keystrokes.

It was only out of interest I was asking what “Lookup Down” and “Lookup Up” actually do - as they didn't do what I expected.


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