MySqlConnector memory issues

Hello, I'm new with Rider, in fact I'm using the trial version but I'll probably pay the license, great IDE.

Everything looks awesome so far, but today I loaded a Visual Studio solution to work with it in Linux.

I've noticed 13 memory issues, one of them was caused by me, it was an OnAfterRender method being called endlessly because there was no check for firstRender and basically it re-rendered forever.

I've fixed it and now I was facing 12 more memory issues:

But if you look at them, all of those are not mine, but code from the MySqlConnector.

What I need to know is… should I replace MySqlConnector? is it ok? Thanks for any input.

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Thank you for contacting us.

Memory allocation is essential for any program. Dynamic Program Analysis (DPA) is initiated automatically each time you run your solution in Rider and presents information based on predefined thresholds. Default thresholds are set according to some assumptions, but you can modify them at any time to better suit the specific requirements of your application. Threshold values can vary significantly depending on the nature and demands of your application (200 MB is too little for one application, but is a huge amount for another). Additionally, the time frame is also important. You can adjust the default values on  "Thresholds" tab in "Dynamic Program Analysis" window.

If you're using an external library that generates a substantial number of allocations, it may not necessarily indicate an issue with the library itself. Instead, it could be indicative of how the library is being utilized in your code.

Unfortunately, we cannot determine whether these allocations indicate an issue in your specific case. DPA provides a way to analyze where these memory allocations occur by examining the stack trace and navigating from an issue to the corresponding code in the editor. We also have some tips in our documentation about [memory allocation]( and [database]( issues. There are also a number of cases when you may want to [exclude]( certain issues from the DPA issue list.

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