UI Explorer show file content like functions / methods


I have been going over the documentation, in order to find a menu option or so to enable showing functions in the explorer sidebar .. but or I missed it, or I cannot find it.

I would like to expand my C# files and show the functions that are inside, just like the folders, but then the content of the files ( in this case the methods / functions )

Is that possible ?

Any hints and tips would be appreciated,

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Hello Kc ,

Thank you for reaching the Forum. 

Unfortunately, this feature is not being implemented yet. The ID of the issue is RIDER-16273. You may want to vote for it or press the Watch issue button to receive update on the matter. 

As of now, you may want to explore the Rider search capabilities in order to move through the functions faster: Navigate and Search.

Should you have any questions – please let me know. 


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