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hello everybody, 

I'm kind of newbie to JetBrains environment but since Microsoft had decided to phase out VS for Mac I've given a chance to Rider. I'm developing web applications in typical setup - DB engine, REST API, and frontend. I'm using .net6 for API and Angular for front. My current desktop environment is Visual Studio for API, VS Code for front end and some third party database client. The reason I'd like to have those separated it that I would not like to have tens of tabs of different kind mixed together. Is it possible to have the same using Rider? 



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Hello Krzysztof Kalukin,

If you open two instances of Rider, one with the API solution opened as a .NET solution, and the frontend project opened as a folder - will it work for you?

Alternatively, you can look into using WebStorm for your frontend needs, while using Rider for working with the backend.


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