Attaching dotCover tool to dot net core we application hosted in linux container


Hi All,

I have setup dotcover in .net core based app hosted in linux container. I am using the following command in my docker file to launch the app with dotcover session to generate code coverage report in html however the HTML report generate is blank and their is no image to show the coverage result.

We are running this command in bash : 

/opt/dotcover/ cover --TargetExecutable="/app/myProj.API" --output="/app/coverageReport" --reportType="HTML" --AllowSymbolServerAccess --SourcesSearchPaths="/app"

Please suggest.


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Please check that the application itself is executable and can be launched without the dotCover. I am asking because usually, web apps are run under some web server or dotnet executable, and in this case, we should profile the host of the application. 

Another possible issue is missing PDB files. The files should be produced by the same build in debug configuration. Are the files located under the `/app` directory? Perfectly, they should be near the executables or DLL files, as the compiler produces them.

 If the above hints do not help, please submit a support request and attach dotCover Verbose logs according to the following instruction.


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