"A bundle identifier is required" on macOS release build

New to Rider. Created a solution and added a “macOS Application” project. Edited `Info.plish` and set `CFBundleIdentifier`. Debug configuration builds and runs fine. The release configuration fails to build with:

Bundle Id: com.industriousone.Musicality
 App Id: com.industriousone.Musicality
0>Xamarin.Shared.targets(599,3): Error  : A bundle identifier is required. Either add an 'ApplicationId' property in the project file, or add a 'CFBundleIdentifier' entry in the project's Info.plist file.

Has anyone seen this before? Any idea? The same solution, with no changes, builds and runs fine in both debug & release configurations in Visual Studio for Mac. Thanks for any help!

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Hello Starkos ,

Thank you for reaching Rider Forum. 

It seems that you have faced a bug with the ID RIDER-76794.  Could you please use fixes from this blogpost? 

Deploy MAUI apps with Rider on your iOS device after these Xcode errors

Please let me know if that helps. 


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