Rider Plugin: Action Indicator Tests

Good Afternoon,

I am updating a plugin and want to write some unit tests to ensure that the plugin adds the correct fixed indicator actions to the rider gutter for my file type.  

I think i should be using HighlightActionTestBase and want to essentially have a gold file that shows that the unit test actions are available .

Is someone able to guide me in the correct direction,  i searched for the #dotnet-pluginwriters channel on slack but was unable to find it.


Hi Tskiba
I can add you to the Slack channel. My colleagues will be glad to help you with this plugin. All you need is your wish and permission to use your email for invitation. Thanks! 


Alexandra Guk  That would be amazing, thank you so much. 

Are you able to use the email address on my profile?  


Tskiba Sure, no problem. You will receive an invite soon. 

Should you have any other questions, let me know. Have a great day! 


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