Barebones Text Editing Settings

Hi, i really want to work with Rider but it is so painful to write code with its default settings. Is there any way to quickly deactivate ALL those intrusive features like automatic cursor jumps, aggressive formatting, forced code style etc? Something like the Pencils in the lower right corner that disable the equally over the top suggestions and highlighting.

I am used to very light formatting help - like automatic indent and i just want to type and manually jump to places with my cursor. I tried to work with Rider for a day now and am constantly fighting its features. Then i try to google how to disable the feature that gets in my way.

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Hello, Dennis,

While there is no shortcut similar to Pencils, you can navigate to Settings | Editor | General | Code Completion and Settings | Editor | General | Typing Assistance to disable the features that you do not need. You can review the coding assistance features in our online help if you're not sure what exactly you need to disable.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.


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