Duplicate 'new' with multiple carets and "new Thing" intellisense option


Declare a class (problem seems not to occur with `object`):

class Thing { }

Declare two auto properties in some other type:

public Thing A { get; }|
public Thing B { get; }|

Use multi-caret as above to assign to both properties simultaneously:

public Thing A { get; } = new |
public Thing B { get; } = new |

It seems to be required to at least type a space after the new keyword.

At this point, choose from Intellisense the “new Thing()” option (and not the “Thing()” option)

Result should be that the “new” text is duplicated on the second line:

public Thing A { get; } = new Thing|
public Thing B { get; } = new Thing|new



Hi Dave! 

Thank you for the detailed description. Could you please add a screencast illustrating the issue? I can't reproduce this one also. 

I appreciate your patience! 


Hi Dave! 
Thank you for the screencast. I reproduced the issue in Rider 2023.2.2. However, it seems like everything works fine in the new Rider EAP. Would you mind installing it to check? 



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