Can object allocation hint (and hints in general) not be red?

For me, at least, red = “danger, pay attention”. And most of the hints are just fine, showing as green dots below, fine. However, for some reason HeapView.ObjectAllocation shows up as a red underline:

Very annoying and noisy, especially for unavoidable situations such as string interpolation or by marking all new operators (yea, I am pretty sure I want to allocate when I use new and also can very easily identify that point by seeing the new operator). 
I've checked settings and the severity is indeed `Hint` and Hints are supposed to show as green dots. Why is this hint being shown as red underline? Imho, this inspection needs some fine tuning to be usefull, I am at the verge of disabling it altogether due to the irrelevant hits it makes and the visual noise it makes. 




The plugin's color preference could not be controlled globally.

You can install the latest version of Heap Allocations Viewer in your Rider, in `Settings | Code Scheme | Editor | Heap Allocations Viewer` you will be able to config the color preferences of the plugin.




I failed to notice it was an external plugin. Well, I just went ahead and disabled it, far less noise now. Even the author said “Use this tool with care, only when it matters to reduce allocations count”. it mostly does not, I'll re-enable it if it does. I'll create an issue in the repo in case they will consider neutral colors. 


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