Copilot completions vs intellisense

When using github copilot intellisense is shown but overruled by completions by copilot. Often the completions are syntactically wrong. How to enable intellisense and copilot completions at the same time? For example:

Cannot example because I get an error when trying to upload :-(

So to describe: when you get at the same time a list of members and copilot completions, select an item from the list of members and hit enter, instead of the member you get the completion.



Hello Halcwb, could you please upload the screenshot manually to JB server?

Also, do I understand correctly that you are experiencing this issue in Rider?

Thanks in advance!


Hello Maria Pleskunina , I have uploaded a screenshot hopefully making things clear. And indeed the issue is in Rider, but don't know if this is more of a general issue.


Halcwb, I'm sorry, can I ask you to upload the screenshot again and provide the Upload ID here? Without it, unfortunately, I won't be able to find the image. Thank you!


Sure: 2023_11_01_28orbKZqcRef4vLCeX83qw.



Hello, Halcwb ,

Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience.

This issue should be addressed to the GitHub team, since their code handles shortcuts in that way. In one of the upcoming releases, we're planning to introduce some changes to completion API which will allow 3rd party completion vendors to avoid such issues. 

Meanwhile, you can use GitHub Community to contact the responsible team.

Let me know if you have any other questions. 


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