How to ensure that a field of enum be referenced only once


I have a enum which looks like:


public enum Code{

Code1, Code2, Code3, ….



I want every individual Code be referenced only once, if a Code is being used more than one place, a warning or error will show so that I can fix it


Or is there any setting for me to see how many references for the enum so that I will check them one by one to see if over used reference exists


Zhoujiazhiwork , thanks for your comments.

You can use Find Usages Advanced functionality in Rider. 

Right-click on the enum element in editor, and select Find Usages Advanced. All usages will be listed in Find window.

Or you can just have a quick check on the enum object Code Vision in editor. For example, I have 7 elements in my enum declaration and the Code Vision show “9 usages”. In this situation, you can use Find Usage Advanced to review all usages in your solution.


In case you cannot see the Code Vision result in your editor, make sure you have enabled it in Settings | Editor | Code Vision | Usages as below.


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