Ignore certain files/classes in the debugger

There's some plugins in our Unity project that tend to throw exceptions when we stop/recompile Unity. They don't do any harm, but they do cause Rider to break, which means we have to repeatedly continue or exit the debugger each time we exit play mode.

Ideally we could just ignore any errors in certain files. We have “Only break on exceptions thrown from user code” ticked, but I don't think Rider has a good sense of what code is ours. When it fires from a DLL, there's no way to fix/patch the issue.


Hi Tom Kail,  thanks for your comments.

Regarding the problem you mentioned, it's not applicable to exclude the certain files from debugger, but you can add the exception types in Settings | Build, Execution, Deployment | Debugger | Exceptions settings.

It would be better if you can share a screenshot as same as below so that I can review if you have configured to skip the exception types. 

Hi Tom,

You have the option to add the unwanted exception types to the exceptions list in your screenshot. I can see currently you are using default exceptions list as same as mine.
However, I would advise caution in doing so, as this approach might cause you to overlook other important exceptions of the same types. Ideally, addressing and resolving potential exceptions is the best practice in any scenario.


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