How do I enable automatic 'scroll to end' in run terminal?


On my evaluation period of Rider right now, and I am enjoying several parts of it compared to VSCode. I am used to the debug console/terminal scrolling to the last printed line so that information is visibile to me. In Rider, I am surprised to find this to not be the standard behavior. 

There's a “Scroll to End” button above the terminal, but seemingly no toggle nor editor preference setting that I can find. How do I make the terminal scroll to the last printed line by itself?


Axelclizbe, thanks for your comments.

By default, the Run window terminal will automatically scroll to the end. When reviewing the history output, if you scroll up in the terminal, you can click “Scroll to End” to return to the most recent output.

If I have misunderstood your issue, could you please provide a simple screencast to better describe the problem?


Hey Tao,

See RIDER-101042 for the issue report. Included is a screen recording of me producing the problem.


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