Event create method autocompletion doesn't honor argument case

I've been looking for a solution but can't find a setting that will actually help me out here. The autocompletion seems to ignore the casing in arguments for the delegate. See example:

The delegate + event:


The generated method:


The desired method:


Thanks in advance!

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Hello Roger,

Thank you for contacting Rider support and for the detailed steps to reproduce the issue.

I reported it to our tracker: Generate method by assigning to a delegate doesn't respect character case. It happened that it is a known issue reported a long time ago: Name is created all in lowercase when creating method for generic delegate. We reopened the old issue now and I added extra details to it. We would appreciate it if you could upvote it to demonstrate your interest.

Hope, we will fix this issue in future releases.

If there is anything else I can assist you with, please tell me.

Have a nice day!


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