Cannot debug with docker-compose


I have recently switched to a mac and I am trying to work with the JetBrains Rider, as I heard it is a good alternative to Visual Studio. 

I've set everything up based on the following link:

But the debugging still does not work. I see that my containers start up and I can use my application but it is not attached and I cannot debug any of my services. 

One more intriguing thing that I've noticed - Whenever I run/debug the docker-compose I see background tasks of ‘Preparing deployment’ and ‘Pulling images’ where it pulls lots of images (even those that I do not need, for example - images with version of 8 years ago). I expect that even if it does not manage to take a version number (which I do specify explicitly) then it will just take the latest one. Can you tell me why it does this and how can I disable it? 



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Hi Boris, 

You can check the instructions on this YouTrack ticket.  

The Rider debugging host will be added into the container automatically. To use the Attach to Docker Container feature mentioned here, you need to use Rider 2023.3 EAP version currently. 

For another issue you mentioned, I see your comments in this ticket. 

RIDER-101357 Debug with docker compose: Build args are ignored in docker files [Mac M2 - Sonoma OS] 

Do let me know if you need further help on this ticket, thanks! 




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