Updating/Editing existing WCF Service Reference breaks existing Reference classes


I tried to update an existing WCF Service Reference that was originally created in Visual Studio. I tried using both the “Update” and “Edit” functions shown here:

This caused several methods and constructors in the Reference.cs file to be removed, breaking existing functionality.

This constructor and static method were gone:

As well as the GetDefaultBinding() and GetDefaultEndpointAddress() methods, and this enum:

Removing this code broke a number of existing usages and factory methods used to get these clients. 

Is there another way to regenerate the service reference that doesn't remove these methods, or some service generation config that allows those methods to be added? I would hate to have to keep my Visual Studio subscription just to keep these service references up to date.



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Hello Golson, thank you for your question. It would be great if you could provide a project where the issue appears. You can also isolate the problem in a new sample project and share it with us (via https://uploads.jetbrains.com/ form). It will be the most convenient investigation method for us. Thank you!


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