Wrong tooltips when window does not have focus

This applies specifically to using multiple monitors/windows; when Rider itself does not have focus at all, there are no tooltips. (That could be an issue too but not exactly what I'm reporting). (This is 2023.2.3.)

Basically, if you have more than one Rider window and hover the mouse over a window that does not have focus, the tooltips are wrong. (It is required that at least one of the Rider windows has focus for this to happen.)

You can tell from the tooltips that it is using the focused window instead of the hovered window to get the data for the tooltip. You do only get tooltips when you hover over actual code elements in the unfocused window, and not from whitespace in the unfocused window, but the tooltip contents are from code in the focused window instead.


Per my testing, if there is no Rider instance get focused, tooltips will not be triggered. When you click and focus on one of the windows, the tooltips will work, no matter which window you are pointing at. But I'm not clear about the “tooltips with wrong info” you mentioned.

It would be better if you can capture a screen recording of the symptom to show it.


Testing it out it seems like warnings/suggestions DO work, but it's mostly types that do not work.

Here is a setup, with the window on the right having focus:

Hovering on the value “Test” on the left while the window on the right has focus results in this (tricky to see since there is no mouse cursor in the image but the cursor is on top of “Test” on the left:

Notice the absence of [Pure] attribute on the left, but the presence of it on the right. Exactly how this works I'm not sure. I think it's supposed to show a toolip for System.String but with focus it doesn't seem to want to do that. It does show a System.String tooltip if I hover “string” with focus but not without focus.


Hi Dave,

It seems you are using Rider on Linux so I tried to reproduce the issue as you mentioned. But I cannot reproduce the problem on my environment. 

You can refer to the GIF I captured, where the tooltip displays the correct information as my pointer moves, and it doesn't require the window to be in focus. I also tested with two separate windows on different monitors, but I didn't encounter any issues.

Here is the version information for Rider. Could you try using the latest release to see if you can still reproduce the problem?



Thank you for the attempt

This is on Windows 10

Your GIF as posted is too low-res to make out

The main thing to look for are the “type” tooltips where it shows the type of the item under the mouse cursor. the type tooltips on the unfocused window are wrong and seem come from the focused window instead. you may need to make sure that there are different types written in the code on the two windows. if it's just strings everywhere you might just see strings when you hover not realizing it's wrong. I can't make out the code in your GIF or I would comment more specifically.


Hi Dave,

Would you mind creating a new support request in Help | Contact Support, so that we can transfer data in email?

Please post your support request link after created. Thank you!


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