Trailing commas JSON, PyCharm Professional

I am editing a JSON file in PyCharm 2023.3 EAP Professional Edition.

When I save or reformat the file, trailing commas are being added to the last element of the arrays in my JSON. I have checked, and the Editor > Code Style > JSON setting for this is off. 

This is slowing me down significantly, since the file is large, as well as the IDE complaining at me quite a lot for commas that are not supported in JSON.

What can I do?

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Hi, does the issue happen for any json files, e.g. one liner like `{"foo": 1,"bar": 2}` is also affected? Please check under **Settings | Editor | File Types** that *.json mask is under the JSON file type (sometimes it's modified by a custom plugin).

If the issue is specific to certain files, is it possible to provide a sample?

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