Not being able to share Unity Serialize field Naming Rules with my team

Hi folks,

First time I am posting a question here.

I'm trying to update my Serialized Field Naming Rules configuration (under > Preferences | Languages & Frameworks | Unity Engine) and save it to my repo, but I'm not able to do so; it seems that Rider doesn't keep the prefix anywhere, I've put “abudabu_” just to be able to search for that string, but nothing shows up.

But it only adds this entry to the DotSetting file without the “abudabu_” prefix. (Please note that “abudabu_” is just a string to test the system and not the one I'm going to use in my project)

<s:String x:Key="/Default/CodeStyle/Naming/CSharpNaming/UserRules/=5f0fdb63_002Dc892_002D4d2c_002D9324_002D15c80b22a7ef/@EntryIndexedValue"><Policy><Descriptor Staticness="Instance" AccessRightKinds="Any" Description="Unity serialized field"><ElementKinds><Kind Name="UNITY_SERIALISED_FIELD" /></ElementKinds></Descriptor><Policy Inspect="True" Prefix="" Suffix="" Style="aaBb" /></Policy></s:String>

As you can see, no information about the prefix is saved.

Is this a bug? Or the prefix information will be saved somewhere else?

Thanks in advance,



Hello, Vitaliano Neto ,

Could you please clarify whether you saved this setting to a team-shared or personal layer?


Hi Ivan Skorikov, thanks for reply. 

I'm saving to the team-shared settings. 


Unfortunately, I can't reproduce the issue on my side. If you're using a team-shared layer, then the setting should be written to <solution name>.sln.DotSettings file found at the root of your solution folder. Could you please double-check? You can run grep -iRa ‘abudabu_’ * in the solution folder to make sure you search everywhere. If it's definitely not there, please upload a full bundle of Rider logs to JetBrains Upload service and share the upload ID here. 

Thank you in advance!


I've tried again today, after turning on my computer in the morning and now it's working as intended. 🤔

(I've spent my whole afternoon yesterday, testing it and deleting the file to recreate it and all, but it seems that a simple reset was the solution.)


Thank you for the patience.

Hello Vitaliano.
I am happy to hear that the solution was found. However, if you have any other questions or difficulties in the future, do not hesitate to contact support. Have a great day!

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