External Symbols Server on Network Drive

Has anyone ever successfully setup a Symbols server on a network share drive with Rider? I mean having rider automatically publish a symbol file to some network share like “//someshare.windows.core/symbols”. 

I wish Microsoft would fix this extremely convoluted symbols setup and let us easily embed it all into a package so we don't need to do anything but publish. But until then a network share seems like the easiest option since we don't yet have CI/CD setup. 

For reference I am trying to follow this article but am getting an error saying my Symbol Server URI is malformed in Rider Settings > Tools|External Symbols and it doesn't look like we have the “Path to Publish Symbols” option from VS. 

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For the symbol path using network path like \\symbols.contoso.local\Symbols

Please specify the protocol type like file://symbols.contoso.local/Symbols in Rider.


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