Take Windows Licence for Rider to Linux host


I have recently switch from VS2022 to Rider and I'm having a blast thus far. 
I have a Rider licence installed on my Windows 11 VM in VirtualBox on my Linux Manjaro KDE host laptop. Is it possible for me to user one licence for an installation of Rider on my Windows VM as well as on my Linux box? 

Because I am thinking to completely switch to Linux once I have the product I'm working on, running in Rider on Linux. 

Thanx, kind regards,


Hello Bert-jan Diedering ,

Thank you for reaching Rider Forum.

Yes, you are able to use one personal license on multiple devices. More details in the post below: 

Can I use my license on multiple machines? 

Let me know if any further questions appear.


OMG that is so awesome! I'll install right away to check if I can get the product working on linux! Thanx!


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