How does the "Generate code right in the editor Ctrl+\" work?

I placed the caret inside a class, pressed ctrl+\ and typed “create an indexer”. Rider crunched and crunched, and showed me a diff of a file that had no changes on the selected class, had a few changes on 5-6 different classes, none of them was adding an indexer.

I tried again and typed “create an indexer on the class Attribute”, and again, the class Attribute (where the caret was positioned) was nod modified at all, while other classes in the files were modified in unrelated places.

What am I doing wrong?

Do I have the wrong expectations?

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Hello Stefano,

Sorry for the delay in responding.

Of course, this is not an expected behavior. Could you still reproduce it? If so we'd kindly ask you to collect logs for us via Help | Collect logs and Diagnostic data. Also a file in which the problem is reproduced would be helpful.

You could share all the info using our upload service -

Thank you.


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