Code Style: spaces within C# tuple parentheses

I'm looking for a Code Style or .editorconfig setting for formatting C# tuples in the following way:

With spaces within parentheses:

public ( int x, int y ) Field;

public void Func( ( int x, int y ) FuncParam, List<( int x, int y )> FuncListParam )

Without spaces within parentheses:

public (int x, int y) Field;

public void Func( (int x, int y) FuncParam, List<(int x, int y)> FuncListParam )

I haven't been able to find one. As a close "peer", when deconstructing KeyValuePair<TKey, TValue>, it does get those spaces there within parentheses with my current style config.

var map = new Dictionary<int, int>();
foreach ( ( int x, int y ) in map )

Any help? Or a possible feature request? I'm using Rider 2023.3.2, Build #RD-233.13135.100



Could you please share what is the expected code sample you'd like to get with the formatting? You can also select this code sample in Rider and run Alt+Enter | Reformat and cleanup | Detect code style settings to check what Rider settings will be available for you.

Please let me know how it goes.

Thank you.



In the original post I just shared that expected code sample regarding what I'm hoping you would provide a code style setting for.

And yes I'm aware of the Detect code style settings, but it doesn't detect anything there.


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