Directory based settings in top level directory containing all projects?


I have a top-level directory (c:\git\work) that contains hundreds of projects. There are some “directory-based” settings like “VersionControl → Issue Navigation” that I would like to have the same for all projects under that top-level directory.

I tried creating a custom settings layer, but there are no settings for those directory-based settings there.

How to achieve that?


Maciej Kuśnierz, the “Issue Navigation” setting you mentioned is a project based setting, which is only applied to the “current project”. So there is no way to control the setting on higher level.

But you can control this setting in File | New Projects Setup, so that all projects created in Rider will follow the same setting in the future. 


Is there maybe any way to apply given setting to all projects in given directory? 
If not, I think I'll create a PowerShell script to do it maybe.


Maciej Kuśnierz, the VCS settings are in .idea/.idea.<PROJECT_NAME>/.idea/vcs.xml in each solution folder. You can just copy&paste the config file in different solutions.


I just wrote a script that adds proper nodes to all vcs.xml files in all projects. 


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