Rider Azure Function Publishing Error

I'm doing the month long free trial of Rider for .NET development.

When attempting to publish updates to an existing Azure Function from Rider, I get the following error:

Status code 400, {"Code":"BadRequest","Message":"IpSecurityRestriction.IpAddress is invalid.  'PowerPlatformInfra' is an invalid CIDR!","Target":null,"Details":[{"Message":"IpSecurityRestriction.IpAddress is invalid.  'PowerPlatformInfra' is an invalid CIDR!"},{"Code":"BadRequest"},{"ErrorEntity":{"ExtendedCode":"51021","MessageTemplate":"{0} is invalid.  {1}","Parameters":["IpSecurityRestriction.IpAddress","'PowerPlatformInfra' is an invalid CIDR!"],"Code":"BadRequest","Message":"IpSecurityRestriction.IpAddress is invalid.  'PowerPlatformInfra' is an invalid CIDR!"}}],"Innererror":null}

I'm not having any issue publishing this exact code from VS or VSCode. It's just Rider that gives me this error message. The function is a dotnet-isolated app on .NET 6 that runs in Linux on v.4 of the Azure Function runtime.

To be clear, the Azure Explorer is successfully linked to my company's Azure subscription and all of our assets in Azure are visible there, no problem.

If anyone can offer any advice as to why this is happening, or what this particular error actually means, I would really appreciate it.



Hello Mdutrolaw ,

Thank you for reaching Rider Forum.

Could you please let me know if an issue occurs with a newly created Azure Functions project? 



Sorry for the delayed response but I've had trouble logging in.

But to answer your question - If I create a new Azure Function project from Rider then I can publish to that function with no issue at all. This only seems to be happening with existing Azure Functions.


Hello Mdutrolaw ,

At the moment, we have released a new version of the Azure Toolkit plugin.  Could you please install it and try again? 

If that does not help, is it possible to get a sample solution to our shared storage

Thank you in advance.


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