May i somehow create needed .net live template?

If i got this right, i can't create custom macros for custom template vars. So, is there a proper way to create live template, that will automatically get needed type and field name from clipboard, for example?

i have a field:

public string _myVar;

And want to create setter function for it:

public void SetMyVar(string value)


_myVar = value;


1) How to get from clipboard more than one value? i want to copy “public string _myVar;” and set template params to “string” and “_myVar”

2)How to remove _ from var value? i want to get myVar from _myVar

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I'm afraid it's not possible to do that using a live template. Using ReSharper, it can be done with Structural Search and Replace feature, but this feature is not yet available in Rider. Please upvote the relevant feature request to indicate your interest: RIDER-11489 Implement UI for Structural Search and Replace (SSR)


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