Remove added localization

In WindowsFormsApp project I wanted to add another language to form so I clicked language but nothing happened and after a few seconds it was set to Afar (wtf?)

and in LocalizationManager I have aa:

How do i remove this aa localization? There is only option to add or add missing file if i manually remove the MainForm.aa.resx file i have infor about missing file:


Another thing I've spotted is that while compilation /preferreduilang:pl-PL param was added to csc.exe and I never configured preferred language. How do I remove/disable this or set to default.



Thank you for your comment. 

The delete resource file in Localization Manager is not yet implemented. 

Currently, Rider only provides "safe delete", you need to reload the solution in IDE after deleting the corresponding .resx file. We have a corresponding feature request on our bug tracker. 

RSRP-485538 Localization Manager: no way to delete a culture (with the corresponding .resx file) 

You can upvote the request to demonstrate additional interest for this feature.

Regarding the PreferredUILang parameter, it may not added by Rider,  MSBuild will enforce to use localization for users on current versions, the problem is mentioned in this ticket as well. You can compare the command execution log between Rider and dotnet CLI. 


Thanks, reloading Rider helped to get rid of deleted cultures/locales.


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