Accessing Gupta database from database tools in IDE

I have a Gupta (SQLBase) database which I want to access from the database tools in Rider. This database type is not available by default, but I have a JAR file for this database.

I was able to import the JAR file, but now I have to specify a connection URL. I have no idea how that should look like.

Has anyone experience with Gupta and can help me with this?



I suppose connection URL should look this way: jdbc:sqlbase://hostname:port/databaseName


Unfortunately I can't get it to work. I'm using an other SQL client RazorSQL, also a Java app, in which it work immediately with the following settings:

  • Driver Class: jdbc.gupta.sqlbase.SqlbaseDriver
  • URL: jdbc:sqlbase://localhost:2155/databasename

I've set this also in Rider, using the same class and URL, but it will not connect.



What error do you get? Please share idea.log ("Help | Show Log in…") after reproducing the issue to check recorded events. You may share  files via form.


I have uploaded the log and several screenshots.

Upload id: 2024_02_12_22FbVUxPHD4UG9T5H3v3n4 (file: Log and

The “Test connection” keeps spinning. It doesn't stop.


 Wasn't there idea.log in logs folder? Please provide it as well.


It was in a different folder. Upload:

Upload id: 2024_02_13_Fikh1WxZXFBr2YUxcPNji7 (file:


Do you have an update on this?


I didn't find any valuable information In idea.log. Could you share a screenshot of your connection settings in RazorSQL for Gupta?

I have uploaded the connection profile as used in RazorSQL:

Upload id: 2024_04_02_Qr632be5isaiWDnCRATMD3 (file: profiles.txt)

I see that the first uploaded profile works through ODBC. DataGrip doesn't support it. 

The second one works via JDBC and should be fine. 

Don't you know, is there any way to enable extended JDBC for Gupta? Also, could also attach SQL logs?

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