Invitation Never Received from license admin inivite page

I need some support ASAP. My License admin sent me an invite from his license portal

I never received it in inbox

Katmai is very dissappointed with this.

Also the fact that our support emails are not being answered. 

NOTE: Nothing is in spam folder


Hello, I'm sorry for this experience. We are on your request. 

I would be grateful if you you could clarify the support request ids from your colleagues so that I could take a closer look.


Hmmm what is a support request id?

i think the email service/servers are down now or when I was using

I have the spreadsheet of 7 userIDs

if you send me an email i wil reply with my 7 licenses. Would that help?



I contacted you in by email.
If you did not receive, please send a message to with the mention of my name there.

i never received it… I sent email as indicated above. I believe all these problems are with interaction of your mail server to ours.


I received the message from you.
Thank you. We are on this issue and will come back with updates soon


While we are checking email issue on our side, please take a look at this guide

And try to assign the licenses as described there. If you face any issue, please let me know.


Mark D Wardell 
Could you clarify if you had a chance to try activating the license according to the article I shared?


Ernest Rudolph did accorng to those instructions. did exactly according to instructions. The invited recipents never received the email me an ( and Andy (


I realsize that my support email never reached you until i sent the email from gmail. There seems to be some blockage  between KatmaiCorp and Jetbrains, I know this because When i sent the email from katmai i never got any response. When I sent from gmail I got immediate response with support id

copy of response in gmail



Your request (#6119375) has been received, and is being reviewed by our support staff.

To add additional comments, reply to this email or follow the link below:




Is there any spam filter on katmai side that might block letters from
On our side we can see that the email notification is always sent to your corporate mail address if we reply to the opened ticket.


Here is what you can do regarding license is to manually sent the invitation link to your colleagues. Basically this is what users receive in the letter they do not receive.

Here is how to find this link:

- Open your admin portal and switch to the “Invitations” list view

-  For each invited user : click on the user and find the link you need to share with your colleagues; send this link to a corresponding colleague manually.

Please let me know if this can help.


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