Formatting Errors Cannot Be Turned Off - Line Break is Redundant Around Comma in Lists

Hello all - I have a problem that is plaguing me in Rider. I get red Error squiggles for “Line break is redundant around comma in lists”, (Over 19,000 errors in our repo for this apparently - I turn off analysis around that time) but I cannot find how to diable the inspection. 

An example screenshot:

I have looked at the inspection settings within rider, but the inspection isn't active.

Nor does it have the highlight showing it is being overridden by StyleCop.

When I use alt+enter / ctrl+period and tell the inspection to change severity, it works for one line for one second, then flashes and it's back to a red error.
Anyone have any ideas of where I should look / what I should do?

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Hi Mwmatlock

Which Rider version do you use and what is your project type? 

Could you please try the following:  go to File | Settings | Editor | Code Style and turn off both checkboxes for StyleCop and EditorConfig and check if it helps. 

If not, please open one of the affected files, press double Shift, type "Show Code Style Configuration" and attach a screenshot of resulting window. 

Also, as there are many ways to change severity of the inspection,  could you please add some screenshots illustrating of how exactly you do this? 

Thank you in advance!  



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