Dotnet Maui Hot Reload not working

Hi I have read through the documentation and other posts, but I cannot get Hot reload to work on my system. I have the latest version of Rider 2023.3.3. I’m on an M1 Mac with Ventura 13.6.1. I have used a Mac Catalyst build and an iOS simulator. I have tried multiple projects including the basic MAUI projects. When I run or debug and make an update to xaml or c# nothing is updated. Any help is appreciated.


Hello Jeremy Pleasant 
Thank you for reaching Rider Forum. 
At the moment, work of the Hot Reload for MAUI MacOS projects is quite limited and should be fixed is the one of the future updates. Thus, the issue has been considered as a bug: 
Please upvote the issue to increase awareness on the matter and monitor updates. 


For anyone else who comes across this post I solved the issue for now.  I completely uninstalled all Dotnet sdks and runtimes from my system. I also uninstalled rider. I then reinstalled Dotnet 8 only, rider, and then necessary workloads for Maui. After that Hot reload was working. 


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