Test Runner Detects Tests but does not run them when parent node is selected for running

I'm having an issue with test runner. When I select run tests from the solution explorer or the test explorer, although all tests are correctly discovered, only first few tests are run. Please refer to the following screen shot. Visual Studio 2022 runs the tests with no problem.




Try to execute the detected tests (not been executed) in editor, not in the Unit Test tool window, could you execute them correctly?

Also, it would be better if you could provide a sample solution that could reproduce the issue, so that I can understand how the unit tests are organized in your case.

If not, you can enable the below log providers in Help | Diagnostic Tools | Choose trace scenarios, then reproduce the issue (and try to execute the unit test directly in editor). Collect the full log bundle and I will investigate the problem.

Please upload the files to our upload service and share the ID with me.


All right 👍 Running from the editor actually runs all tests. Here is what I see in the trace files as per your instructions:

How did the stricter criteria come to existence and how come I could not override it when I was explicitly running the root test node from the Test Explorer window?
I think I even deleted and recreated the test session but it did not work (maybe I did not though, not sure).


The log snippet didn't inspire me, could be better if you can share the full log bundle with me. I need the whole context to understand why the unit tests are ignored (question mark in your screenshot). Hover on the question mark in Unit Test tool window, could you get any explanation of why the tests are ignored?

It's better if you can create a sample solution, or at least provide some unit tests from your real solution to reproduce the behavior. I will check further if the log didn't explain the issue.

You can just upload them to the upload service I shared with you and post the ID.


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