Android Signature Xamarin.Android and NET.Android



legacy Xamarin.Android Projects and NET.Android Projects (net6.0-android and higher) are signed differently for Debug.

When I check the signed APK with keytool or jarsigner I can clearly see there are different fingerprints.


When I build those apps with VisualStudio, the signature/fingerprint is the same.

I have a big problem to Debug Android Apps that use “sharedUserId” in the manifest. Its not working with different Signatures.


Thanks for your help. Cheers.


My Rider Version:

Build #RD-233.14475.66, built on March 6, 2024

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Hello A Neufeld ,

Thank you for reaching Rider Forum.

Is it possible for you to provide us with the exact steps to reproduce? screen-shot comparison would be very helpful for us to stay on the same page here.

It would also be great if a sample solution might be provided. You may want to upload it to our shared storage at and share the ID of the upload.

Thank you. Looking forward to your reply.


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