Debugging a COM Hosted Library

I have a .NET 8 library that is a COM hosted DLL, a plugin inside of another piece of software (SolidWorks, a CAD application).

I am unable to get Rider to debug the com-hosted DLL, but I can debug it no problem in Visual Studio. In Visual Studio, there is no special setup required, it just works. My launch profile launches an external application (SolidWorks), and as SolidWorks loads my DLL, the Visual Studio debugger connects to it, and from there I can debug my code as if it were a standalone application.

In Rider, using the same launch profile, SolidWorks starts up, and the DLL is loaded, but Rider does not seem to recognize the loaded DLL. It does not appear in the Modules list.

I'm hoping that there is something I can change in Rider's options to make this possible. Does anyone know if this is supported?

Thank you

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Hello Andrew, 
Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. 

As far as I see, you have already created a YouTrack request. Not to mix issues up, I suggest that you follow it for the YouTrack request:  

Should you have any further questions - please let me know.

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