I can not debug any Unity project "It looks like another unity installation is running..."


Since my last update I am having issues attaching the debugger to any project. I get the following message from unity when trying to do so:


"It looks like another unity installation is running with this project open. Multiple Unity instances cannot open the same project."

After this Unity Hub opens.

If I go to Edit configurations, no Unity Editor Instances are found. 


I suspect rider is not finding the current instance of the unity project and attempting to open a new one (which prompts the unity error). I reviewed the EditorInstance.json and the pid is the same as the actual instance pid running.

This happens with any of my unity projects under different versions. So far I reinstalled rider and cleaned/invalidated caches to no avail. The unity support  plugin version in rider is "bundled 233.14475.66".


I have no clue how to fix this. Please help, debugging is a fundamental tool for myself.



Why would this be a unity thing, I don't understand? 



We discussed this problem in a private support ticket and no solution was found yet. To whom it may concern, further updates will be posted in RIDER-107655 Can't attach to Unity editor on starting debug session


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