Code color scheme "? ! " not count as operator, and the angle brackets of generic type argument count as operator

I've been using Rider IDE for my coding projects, and while customizing the color scheme, I encountered a specific issue with how certain symbols are colored. In particular, symbols like "?" and "!" are not recognized as operators for color-coding purposes. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a direct way to color these operators individually without affecting the default text color. Additionally, I noticed that the angle brackets used for generic parameters, such as those in "List<int>", are mistakenly identified as operators for coloring purposes.

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The question mark in C# not only used to indicate the logical boolean operator, but also used in nullable value types check. So far, there is no color scheme definition for question mark and exclamation point.

For the angle brackets color scheme definition, we have an existing feature request:

IDEA-76531 Add ability to set angle bracket coloring settings for generics separate from angle bracket operators

You can vote and click watch on this ticket to increase the visibility of this feature.

You may select the symbols or operators in the editor, press shift for twice, and search for “Jump to Colors and Fonts” to check the corresponding color scheme definition. 



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