Issues using Dotnet and EF Core terminal

I’m using Dotnet 8, trying to follow an tutorial. I’m unable to use Entity Framework Core to make a DBContext or add an Initial Migration. When I try to use the menu options I keep on getting “Could not execute because the specified command or file was not found…..” but I added the packages to my project, I have dotnet-ef installed, and have dotnet CLI added to my system’s PATH. I also noticed that I can’t use any dotnet CLI tools in Rider’s terminal. I keep on getting “command not found”. What’s wrong? I’ve read similar posts but nothing seems to work.


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What's your operating system? On Linux, you should try to start Rider from the bash with dotnet environment variable added. For example, if you add the environments in .zshrc, then start Rider from an existing zsh shell will work.

Also, try to use nuget restore command to see if it works in Rider integrated terminal.



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