Logging SQL generated by EF on dotTrace

I'm using Rider 2023.3.4 and dotTrace 2023.3.4 on Linux and I'm trying to log the SQL created and submitted by EF.

I can attach to my running process and the Timeline trace is generated, but only a small subset of the SQL submitted seems to be available for inspection.

Is there some configuration or profile setting I need to adjust to get more coverage of the SQL that's actually submitted to the remote server (remote in this case means “hosted in another country”)

I'm not so interested in actual performance - that's fatally compromised by latency anyway - but I do want to gauge relative performance in terms of the chattiness of the application in response to changes.

I realise there are server based ways to do this and I have remote admin access, but it's an inconvenient PITA for my use case.


Most of what I want can be achieved using Dynamic Program Analysis and setting the thresholds for the DB to around 1

Still interested in learning what's happening with dotTrace but practically speaking I have almost everything I was after.

First time fiddling around with DPA very impressed.

Hello Sean,

dotTrace does not currently support EF. You are welcome to vote for this feature request in our tracker: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/DTRC-29740/Implement-support-for-Entity-Framework-Core-for-dotTrace


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