Configure color for gutter markers showing code coverage?

I can't seem to figure out how to make the markers showing in the gutter, the ones that indicate code coverage, change color.

All leads point to Editor → Color Scheme → General → Line Coverage, and then change the color of Full, Partial, Uncovered.

But no matter which colors I choose here, the actual colors being used are washed out gray and brown colors, which for my color blindness, is … somewhat less than ideal.

Is this the right place to configure these? I searched the settings for coverage, and can't seem to find other settings for the color of these things, but clearly the settings I found do not apply.

Can anyone advise?


It seems that in Rider 2023.3.4, the “fully covered” color is bright, the two others are muddy green, and in 2024.1 EAP-RC, they're all a variation of muddy green.


This is rather unhelpful:

The colors I have configured are:

* Full: Foreground = 00FF00 (bright green)

* Partial: Foreground = 363628 (dark yellow/brown)

* Uncovered: Foreground = FF0000 (bright red)

I have tried foreground, background, error stripe mark, effects, none of it seems to matter in 2024.1 EAP-RC.

At least in 2023.3.4, the fully covered is somewhat brighter, but I still can't configure it.


Same problem here.  Why change these colors to such dark, similar colors?  It makes it much more difficult to see what is covered.  This issue, along with losing a bunch of my custom live templates, has made this update one I wish I would have not installed.


Hello folks,

The new colour scheme indeed became less readable in dark themes, see DCVR-12419 for updates on this. 

The setting to configure coverage highlighting at File | Settings | Editor | Color Scheme | General | Line Coverage is indented for Java coverage in Rider. dotCover is yet to support configurable highlighting. I have created a feature request to fill this gap. Please vote for DCVR-12524 Make highlighting colours configurable.



An alternative workaround can be to enable “shaped markers (colorblind mode)” to show the differences better:

File > Settings > Build, Execution, Deployment > dotCover > Highlighting


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