It's a joke?

I hope this is a nightmare from which I’m going to wake up. I just updated to version 2024.1 and I’ve lost all my custom settings in code style and code clean up. These are settings that I’ve refined throughout the lifetime of the 2023 version. Please tell me there’s a way to recover them.


Could you clarify how you did the upgrade? Via ToolBox app, or via patch update? Or you installed a separate version and migrated all the settings from 2023.3?

Also, please clarify if you use IDE Settings Sync plugin.
All the .NET related code style settings are stored in .dotSettings files. 
Do you still have a previous Rider version config folder on your machine? I assume that all the settings were stored on computer layer. Let's check if there is a corresponding  DotSettings file in this folder.


I clicked on the gear icon in the top right corner of the editor to initiate the update. However, I received a warning message indicating that a background process was underway. I closed this dialog box, once the background process was completed, I closed the editor and the toolbox automatically installed the new version.

I am using the IDE’s synchronization feature and all the options are checked.

Here is the folder in question for the 2023.3 version.



Thank you for the details.

We are investigating it right now.

Can you check this directory

Is there a  GlobalSettingsStorage.DotSettings file inside it with your code style settings?


Yes, the GlobalSettingStorage.DotSettings file exists, but how can I check if it contains the code style settings? Are they in the GlobalSettingStorage.DotSettings file or are they supposed to be in the resharper-host folder?

Edit: I would like to clarify that in a moment of “panic”, I immediately reinstalled version 2023.3 to see if I still had my custom settings. It turns out that even after reinstalling version 2023.3, I no longer had my custom settings.


It is supposed to be in the DotSettings file if you saved it in the Computer layer (default one). Sorry for not clarifying this detail.
If you share this file here, that would be helpful and I can check it myself. If you used the same settings in 2023.2, then we can also check them in this specific configuration folder from 2023.2.
If the code style settings are not there, then we can check if there is such a file in your solution folder (<SolutionName>.sln.DotSettings or <SolutionName>.sln.DotSettings.user)

As an update, we reproduced the issue on our side and preparing a fix
The reason is that the mode of update using Toolbox (when there are no patches) has a critical bug: it resets the user settings to default.


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