Why does font rendering on my M1 Mac look so bad

I have Rider installed on a number of my systems. Some windows, Linux, and MacOS. On my M1 MacOS system when it connected to my ARC 55 display the font rendering is just god awful
Even as the Mac is set to 4k output.

On the Same system setup the same way a Windows VM in that system running Rider looking at the same code project Looks Great…

I have tried all manner of Themes and fonts installed and what not, nothing works.

Any Ideas folks?



Hi - can you provide the contents of the IDE About window?

Do you have this issue in the editor only? Are other UI elements not affected?

Does it make a difference if you set the following setting to “Subpixel” and restart the IDE?


I am feeling rather stupid. Dont know why I did not see those settings on the Mac before.
They had two options Greyscale and None and as you suspected Mine were set to NONE for whatever reason. Set to GreyScale and POOF so much nicer… 

Thanks for your input…



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