Multiple issues after upgrading to Rider 2024.1

I upgraded to 2024.1 and now I can't use the IDE properly.

1. In some C# files there are no markers on the left side, for sections, methods. In some there are.

2. If I type a wrong keyword, class name, type name, if I add/remove a parameter where they should be, there's no red squiggly to show there's an error.

3. Collapse All doesn't collapse all, still shows method names. Before, it used to collapse at class level.

4. When I press Alt Enter, only “Waiting for context actions” is displayed, nothing else happens. Not even after 30 seconds of waiting.

I'm using .NET 8.


This is horrror….

Please point me to where I can download the latest 2023 version.


You can downgrade using the toolbox


You can roll back to the previous version in JetBrains Toolbox App. Use it to manage all your installations. 


2024.1 is completely unresponsive with my Unreal project as well.

1- Only selected file at startup is analyzed, all other files are written in white (no color, nothing).
2- Just trying to add a Tab makes IDE unresponsive.
3- Same as OP : “When I press Alt Enter, only “Waiting for context actions” is displayed, nothing else happens. Not even after 30 seconds of waiting.”

=> Cannot use it anymore.
Just got back to 2023.2.1


FX_Ice18Studios If you skip the major release of Rider and have such problems, reset solutions could be a good idea. Solution settings schema is not updated in old versions, which could cause unexpected exceptions in Rider.

  1. Invalidate caches by File | Invalidate Caches | Clear system caches and local history | Invalidate and restart
  2. Delete .idea folder from the solution folder
  3. Open project again in new Rider release



The deleting the .idea folder i havnt tried but even the option to invalidate cached isn’t showing in my menu. I’ll try deleting the .idea now.


The same thing, facing dozen of bugs, it's impossible to use.

Most critical:
1. When opening new class/xml and after that changing tab - it open blank screen. Opening file from solution explorer helps. 

2. Sometimes copy/paste functionality across different files is broken.

3. Adding new class/xml sometimes is broken, error related to empty collection. File can be opened, but not edited

4. Deploy net8 android to device - sometimes stucks, and infinite loader instead debug button.

5. Sometines impossible put breakpoints without restarting Rider.

6. Sometimes Select Opened File button is missing


Oleksandr M. It's a bit hard to help you identify each of the problems in our forum threads. Please create support requests in IDE (Help | Contact Support) for the particular problem you are facing. Thanks.


Rider 2024.1 is a total mess. Frankly, I wonder how such a buggy release could go through QC.

1. All popup windows are reduced to their tiniest state, leading to being invisible ( Git diff is reduced to a title bar of about 50px wide)

2. Debugging in docker compose once leads the bar popup “Apply now / continue without applying” even when project is stopped before debugging

3. Do not double click by accident “debug” when using docker compose, you'll confuse rider in launching two docker, and you're in for a reboot

4. freezes for no reasons, out of the blue

5. Your popups size are awful. I mean, this is what I now always get when I try to rename a symbol :

I cannot have it remember the proper height, it has no scrollbar, and doesn't even show the related symbol. I have to resize it every. time.


Yeah, 2024.1 is proper crap.
- It reset all my settings on me: keybinds, live templates, everything that I used to be productive
- I've noticed issues with intellisense and code completion
- Automatic fixes stopped working when you “apply fix to entire solution/project” - only one file at a time (I suspect invalidate caches may have fixed that, I haven't had a need to try since)
- Weird removals of quality-of-life features? (No more multi-caret select in the live template editor box.. which would be handy for recreating all my live templates you deleted. Thanks, Jetbrains)

Goodbye 2024.1, Hello 2023.3. Bet my f-ing settings don't come back though..

Piss poor, Jetbrains, do better next time.


Goo0018  go to your settings that are synced
and import your settings. It’s in a zipped folder.
If you synced it before, which i did that got all my settings back. If you didn’t idk what you’ll get. You can also select certain settings. I just needed my custom code snippets (Live Templates), so i only selected that from my old settings. Hope this helps. If you don’t know where this is go the the help tab on top and type in settings or settings sync. If you got your settings wrong exactly right after getting all your settings back in order, export them to the same directory and overwrite the old zipped folder. Now you’ll have everything current but make sure all settings are checked so it’ll save your settings exactly. Turn on settings async always too. Like that it’ll always have a version of your settings not current cause sometimes it doesn’t sync right but current enough from my experience.


Apart from what was already mentioned including loosing settings etc the project configurations for c# are also messed up. Function apps for example are gone and configurations broken. Had to reverse to 2023.


Ricardo Could you help to specify the “Function apps example are gone” you mentioned? In 2024.1 we have re-designed the UI interface of the new solution dialogs, some settings are archived in “Advanced Settings” in the dialogs.


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