When making new line, indent level never matches

Hi, I am relatively new to Rider and IDE's in general. 


I prefer to format my code as seen in the image below, using indented comments to indicate categories of code. The problem is that when I press RETURN to create a new line, the caret does not stay at the indent level of the previous line. I have poked through the settings a lot but not found a way to control this. Is it possible to make new lines have the same indentation level as previous line?

in the image, note position of the text cursor at the bottom, this is where it appears after pressing RETURN, which is one indent level behind the previous line:

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Hello Javor Alex ,

Thank you for reaching Rider Forum. 

It seems that you have faced a known feature request: 

RIDER-14439 Caret is not positioned at the indent position on completely blank lines as in VS

Please subscribe to the issue by upvoting it to receive updates on the matter. 

Thank you and have a nice day! 


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