Empty-line auto formatting changes after EditorConfig is exported

So in trying to fix formatting issues within our team we decided I should create a rules file and share it with the team. As I understand it, this is done by exporting an EditorConfig file into the root of the code base. We can then share this file via git to other team members.

After I did this via the Export button (under File | Settings | Editor | Code Style) the Reformat Code command behaves differently. It now starts adding spaces to all empty lines to fit with the code around it. Not sure if I'm misunderstanding the usages of the EditorConfig or if this is a bug…

Using the following version

JetBrains Rider 2024.1
Build #RD-241.14494.307, built on April 8, 2024

I added an image below. 




Could you please share .editorconfig file with us? You can use our service for this purpose.

Thank you.



That I can!

Upload id: 2024_04_24_JqfsqaLT3MSnZajTRwGGPo (file: .editorconfig)


Any updates on this?


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