2024 woes

Anyone else thinking this is (by far) the most bug riddled Rider release you've ever seen?

I can't spend a ¼+ of my day working around bugs, trying to duplicate them, researching if its already been reported, creating bug tickets, etcetera… I have work to do and its not an easy process (security) getting a new version installed in hopes that its more bearable. I really don't even know what to do except install 2023…

IDK, I expect a baseline level of quality from every release and regularly rebooting my IDE to (hopefully) make some annoying problem disappear doesn't meet that mark...

For reference, I am running 241.14494.307

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Hello Josh,

Sincere apologies for the frustrating experience you had while using Rider 2024.1 release.
We would be happy to help with the issues you encountered. So would you mind providing more details about these issues?

Have a nice day!

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